I recently went shopping at new Patrizia Pepe flagship store, located in Via Manzoni, 38 in Milan. I was literally surpriced by the innovation of the brand image, which is in continuous development and change. The boutique has an avant-garde design with a strong inspiration from the roaring seventies/eighties nightclubs.

As entering a super glamorous room, the entrance is characterized by a counter that perfectly reproduces the effect of a bar, but instead of bottles of alcohol, exclusive bags by Patrizia Pepe are exhibited. The huge Fly logo on the ceiling, which identifies the brand and the neon lettering give a touch of irreverence to the environment. The atmosphere arouses curiosity and a desire for unconventional fun.

Continuing through the store we find ourselves in the spectacular dance floor with a large stroboscopic ball, which reminded me of the legendary John Travolta’s film “Saturday Night Fever”. Captivating sequin dresses and futurist-cut outfits flaunt themselves in the mythical disco where Tony Manero involved with his wild dances.

Like any so called club, the last area of the boutique evokes the intimacy of a private room. Here people chat quietly on the sofas and take their mind off the routine and the daily frenzy. The environment is evenloping, characterized by a warm pink velvet and expresses all the sensuality of the Patrizia Pepe woman. Mirrors on the walls are another feature of the new concept and emphasize the awareness of femmininity. The spacious and comfortable dressing rooms are ready to welcome customers and let them enjoy moments of pure relaxation dedicated to shopping. Pampering is always good for the soul! A fantastic novelty are also the led lights of the mirrors positioned inside the refined dressing rooms, where we fashion victims can take our selfies with a super bright effect.

Very useful are two totems, two large screens, where you can consult the new website independently and get some ispiration for purchases. In-store pick-up has also been introduced, so you can order from home and enjoy the experience with your package ready in-store. Patrizia Pepe’s professional and impeccabile staff is always ready to help you choose the perfect outfit. After admiring the splendid new location, obviously I could not avoid shopping! I tried a lot of different looks, making the poor salespeople go crazy, who took the big test. The new collection amazes with the colours of white and silver, ready for a walk on the lunar soil, the woman Patrizia Pepe seduces with her rebellious soul.

Gritty dresses in synthetic leather, shimmering mini dresses in sequins applied by hand, sheaths in stretch yarn suggest breaking rules and playing with conscious femminine sensuality.

Fot the evening or the ceremony, fluid tulle dresses accompany our steps, making us feel casual protagonists of our time. The colours have a strong visual impact such as ochre, pink and mauve.

Patrizia Pepe researches new materials that reduce the productive impact on the environment and supports ecology. Innovation can be touched by hand on coats with anti-tear, rainproof or soft ecological furs, like the one I wore.

The accessories make every special outfit studied with deep attention to detail and manufacturing. Leather shoes, bags and outerwear are completely MADE IN ITALY.

Entering the Patrizia Pepe universe is like getting lost in a journey to discover one’s own femininity. Rock, bold and irriverent, I look in the mirror and find myself.